The Adventure begins in 55 days

Furrnion III: Space Pirates

Meliá Barajas Hotel, Madrid, Spain
October 17-20th, 2019

-Attention, attention all crew! Keep calm, this is not a drill, this is your captain speaking. Some very suspicious ships are approaching, and they appear hostile! Set the shields to max power, everything is under contro- *buzzzzzzz*

-Hey? Is this thing working? Heh.. relax, we've rendered all your shields.. engines.. and hyperspace systems useless! Oh but don't worry, we're just here to have a bit of fun. Who are we? We're known by many names.. but you… you know us as pirates. Now! All aboard!

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20% off in your ticket if you have gone to other convention


Furrnion wants to reward all those convention addicts, or just that support them. That’s the reason why if you have been in a convention this year, and show your badge to us, you’ll have 20% off in your ticket. Where can you show your badge? In our form, of course! And remember that you still >>>


Propose your activities and more


A lot of exciting things are waiting for you in Furrnion III, only 3 months left! We’ll have a long summer ahead and we hope you’re enjoying your vacations. (If you have them, we don’t T__T) It’s time to propose your activities for the convention: ACTIVITIES  What kind of activities can you propose? There are >>>


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