The Adventure begins in 24 days

Furrnion III: Space Pirates

Meliá Barajas Hotel, Madrid, Spain
October 17-20th, 2019

-Attention, attention all crew! Keep calm, this is not a drill, this is your captain speaking. Some very suspicious ships are approaching, and they appear hostile! Set the shields to max power, everything is under contro- *buzzzzzzz*

-Hey? Is this thing working? Heh.. relax, we've rendered all your shields.. engines.. and hyperspace systems useless! Oh but don't worry, we're just here to have a bit of fun. Who are we? We're known by many names.. but you… you know us as pirates. Now! All aboard!

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Activities and Deadlines!


Furrnion III is near! Last months are always the most busy, and when we need your collaboration the most. This year we’ll have a lot of the activities that you liked the most in previous editions, and also many new ones! Some of these new activities have limited or minimum participation, so to take part >>>


Art Show registration open!


The Art Show will exhibit our attendee’s works, which will may be auctioned later in the public auction if they reach the maximum of bids during the con. Works’ registration is very easy. You only need to upload each of your works’ details using the form following this link. You only need to be a >>>


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